Saudi Arabia to celebrate Founding Day: A reflection on centuries of historical legacy

Vibrant cultural events nationwide expressing love, creativity, and loyalty
Saudi Arabia to celebrate Founding Day: A reflection on centuries of historical legacy
Founding Day celebrations in Saudi (Photo Credit: SPA)

On Thursday, February 22, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will joyously celebrate its Founding Day, an annual occasion that commemorates the establishment of the nation. Vibrant cultural and artistic events will take place in cities across the country, expressing love, creativity, and loyalty.

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Honoring the rich history

These festivities pay tribute to the remarkable leaders and citizens who have gifted us with a rich history and have propelled progress throughout the ages. They will bring to life chapters from the past, showcasing the various stages of prosperity and adversity that the country has experienced. Embracing its authentic Arab identity and reinforcing the concept of national unity, these events serve as a testament to the unwavering bond between the people and the leadership. They exemplify the current era of prosperity and progress driven by the Saudi Vision 2030.

The journey of the Saudi Kingdom began on a momentous day in the middle of 1139 AH, equivalent to February 1727, when the visionary Imam Mohammed bin Saud laid the foundation of the first Saudi state in Al-Diriyah. Guided by the noble principles of the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, this state became a beacon of progress.

Continuing the legacy

The people of the Kingdom take immense pride in the profound historical legacy left by Imam Mohammed bin Saud. Throughout the reigns of subsequent leaders, including Imam Turki bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud, the founder of the second Saudi state, and the great unifier King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al-Faisal Al-Saud, the Saudi nation has flourished.

King Abdulaziz played a pivotal role in the development and progress of the Kingdom, leading it to its current internal, regional, and global standing. His successors, including the current Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, and His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have continued to advance these prosperous times.

Celebrating three centuries of the first Saudi state

As we celebrate Founding Day, we reflect on the three centuries of the first Saudi state and the significant milestones in our history. The landmarks of this state, which emerged over centuries, have extended throughout the Arabian Peninsula, prioritizing security, service to the Two Holy Mosques, and the well-being of the people. Along the way, the nation has overcome numerous challenges.

The enduring Saudi state owes its strength to profound and unwavering national cohesion, repelling external aggression and thwarting attempts to undermine its social fabric. Throughout the challenging times of the past, the remarkable achievements of the Saudi state have withstood adversity and stood the test of time.

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