Saudi Arabia’s traded shares exceed $52 billion in January

Despite global uncertainties, Saudi stock indexes reflect stability and growth
Saudi Arabia’s traded shares exceed $52 billion in January
The value of traded shares on Saudi Arabia's NOMU amounted to SAR644.12 million

Saudi Arabia’s traded shares exceeded SAR195 billion ($52 billion) in January 2024, marking a positive beginning to the year. Saudi Arabia’s stock market, represented by the Saudi Exchange (Tadawul) and the parallel stock index (NOMU), has demonstrated remarkable resilience and strength amidst global economic uncertainties.  Tadawul’s latest statistical report for January 2024 reveals promising figures, showcasing the market’s robust performance.

Tadawul All Share Index

The Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) concluded January 2024 on a positive note, closing at 11,796.63 points. This achievement was accompanied by a total value of traded shares reaching approximately SAR195.94 billion, facilitated through 11.87 million transactions. Notably, the index marked its highest closing point for the month on January 7, 2024, reaching an impressive 12,285.07 points.

Comparing the performance with the same period in 2023, TASI exhibited a notable annual growth rate of 9.30 percent. In January 2023, the index stood at 10,792.85 points, highlighting the significant progress witnessed over the past year. Moreover, the market value of issued shares reached SAR10,673.99 billion by the end of January 2024, with the total number of shares traded during the month amounting to 8.19 billion.

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NOMU performance

Similarly, the Saudi Parallel Stock Index (NOMU) also reported impressive figures for January 2024. Closing at 24,986.68 points, NOMU showcased an estimated annual growth rate of 30.54 percent compared to the same period in 2023. The index’s peak performance occurred on January 25, 2024, when it reached 25,248.70 points.

During January 2024, the value of traded shares on Saudi Arabia’s NOMU amounted to SAR644.12 million ($171.76 million), facilitated through 61,036 transactions. This activity contributed significantly to the market’s momentum. The market value of issued shares on NOMU stood at SAR47.67 billion, with a total of 40.97 million shares traded during the month.

The resilience and positive trajectory displayed by both TASI and NOMU in January 2024 underscore the strength of Saudi Arabia’s stock market. Despite global economic uncertainties, investors continue to show confidence in the market’s stability and growth potential. As Saudi Arabia moves forward, the performance of its stock market serves as a testament to the country’s economic resilience and attractiveness to investors worldwide.

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