A pivotal moment for Saudi’s aviation industry

The Future Aviation Summit will feature 120 speakers, 2,000 attendees
Saudi Aviation Industry

With international air travel having resumed post-pandemic, Saudi will host the inaugural Future Aviation Forum on May 9.

The two-day event aims to address the travel industry problems and forge solutions for how the sector can recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

It also aspires to transform the passenger experience and invest in innovations that will lower carbon emissions and reduce environmental impact.

Global aviation leaders will attend the meeting hosted by the General Authority of Civil Aviation in Riyadh. It will feature more than 120 speakers, with over 2,000 attendees and representatives from various countries.

Saudi itself aims to generate 356 billion riyals ($95 billion) in investment into its aviation sector by 2030 making it a global aviation hub.

Moreover, Saudi plans to launch a new national airline to complement its existing national carriers, including Saudia, and to build a major new international airport in Riyadh, in addition to eight new regional airports.