Saudia wins world class title at World APEX Awards 2024

For third year in a row
Saudia wins world class title at World APEX Awards 2024
Saudia (Photo from Saudia)

For the third consecutive year, Saudia, the Kingdom’s national carrier formerly known as Saudia Arabian Airlines, announced its achievement of the prestigious “World Class” title at the World APEX Awards 2024.

Saudi Arabia’s position among the elite group of top seven global airlines to receive the APEX WORLD CLASS Award is further strengthened by this remarkable accomplishment.

Developed in collaboration with Yates and Partners, the esteemed “World Class” award recognizes the commitment of airlines to exceptional service and products, as well as their dedication to upholding health, safety, and sustainability standards. Aligned with the evolving needs of passengers, this prestigious accolade contributes to addressing crucial aspects within the aviation sector.

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Captain Ibrahim Koshy, the CEO of SAUDIA, , expressed his delight at winning the prestigious World CLASS Award from APEX for the third consecutive year.

He emphasized that this significant accomplishment reaffirms their dedication to delivering exceptional travel experiences. It also showcases their commitment to providing top-notch services.

Al Koshy also highlighted how their plans align with the ambitious goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

In his statement, Al Koshy emphasized that this award solidifies the exceptional standards they have implemented. These standards prioritize the safety, sustainability, and well-being of all their guests.

It also reinforces their unwavering commitment to excellence within the aviation sector. Captain Al Koshy expressed their determination to continue innovating and enhancing their services to meet the ever-evolving expectations of their guests. Additionally, they aspire to represent Saudi Arabia in international forums, showcasing the nation’s advancements in the aviation industry.

Four groups

The APEX World Awards stands out as the inaugural award program exclusively utilizing feedback from accredited travelers for evaluation. This program categorizes airlines into four groups: international, major, regional, and economic carriers.

Furthermore, the flagship category of the award was introduced based on insights from third-party travelers. It was developed in collaboration with TripIt from Tayyid Concur. TripIt is a highly regarded travel organization app worldwide.

Over 1 million flights were reviewed by travelers. These flights were operated by approximately 600 airlines worldwide. The reviews were independently verified by a reputable external audit company.

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