Saudi’s non-oil exports hit SAR 30.1 bln in June

Oil exports jumped to SAR 117.7 bln, up from SAR 60.6 bln in 2021
Saudi’s non-oil exports hit SAR 30.1 bln in June
Ships docked in Jeddah Port

Saudi non-oil exports reached in June a new high of 30.1 billion riyals ($8 billion), a 26.8 percent increase year on year, compared to approximately 23.7 billion riyals in June 2021.

Exports increased by 6.8 percent over last May, the most in a single month this year.

Saudi non-oil exports totaled 86.2 billion riyals in the second quarter of 2022, up from 65.8 billion riyals in the same period last year, representing a 31 percent increase.

In line with Vision 2030, Saudi seeks to diversify its economy by increasing the contribution of non-oil sectors to non-oil GDP.

Saudi set a record for non-oil exports last year, which amounted to approximately 277.5 billion riyals ($73.75 billion). 

On the other hand, the value of Saudi oil exports increased by 94.1 percent year on year in June, reaching around 117.7 billion riyals ($31.4 billion), compared to 60.6 billion riyals in the same month in 2021.