stc Group awarded the sustainability ME champion of the year

Confirms its outstanding achievements in driving sustainability in region
stc Group awarded the sustainability ME champion of the year
(Right) Mashaal AlRubaian, General manager of corporate communication at stc receives the award on behalf of stc Group (Image Courtesy: stc Group)

stc Group, the leading digital enabler in the region, won the sustainability Middle East Champion of the year award 2023. The awards were arranged by “SME Awards – Sustainability Middle East”, highlighting the ME’s best sustainability and climate actions.

On behalf of the stc group, Mashaal AlRubaian, General manager of corporate communication at stc, received the award during the ceremony held in Dubai, UAE.

The group focused on sustainability practices recognizing extraordinary achievements, including driving the sustainability agenda for the Middle East region. With climate change becoming an existential threat, stc worked towards accomplishing net-zero / low-carbon emission and sustainable operations and adopted innovative sustainability strategies by migrating to renewable energy sources, eco-friendly raw materials, and technologically advanced low-carbon-footprint machinery and equipment.

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stc was awarded due to standing out by its unique sustainability program implemented on the ground while demonstrating measurable improvements in making industry and day-to-day living cleaner and greener for the people in the Middle East.

It is well noted that in February 2023, stc group signed the environmental position statement and committed to fulfilling its obligations, including the reduction in the environmental impact of stc’s products, services, and network operations by driving digitalization to maximize its positive impact on the environment, exceed environment legal obligations imposed by relevant laws and regulations, continuously update and improve its environmental management system, by creating related objectives, science-based targets and deploying specific mitigation programs in addition to minimizing energy consumption, reducing GHG emissions, promoting energy efficiency and integration low carbon energy solutions. Moreover, the group is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its fleet through a combination of cleaner vehicles, fuel-efficient operation systems, minimizing waste, and preserving biodiversity. Furthermore, the stc group confirmed its commitment to raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection and sustainability for all its stakeholders and performing yearly internal and external verifications to ensure the accuracy and credibility of its environmental data.

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