Innovative towers: stc group’s subsidiary TAWAL blends tech and nature in ALUla

Company driving digital transformation, preserving heritage in ALUla
Innovative towers: stc group’s subsidiary TAWAL blends tech and nature in ALUla
stc's innovative towers (Supplied)

In northwest Saudi Arabia, ALUla is a masterpiece renowned for its ancient archaeological sites. The authenticity of this city is manifested in the serenity of the landscapes, the valleys, the sense of the oasis and the stunning sandstone cliffs and canyons, making it a popular tourist destination. The city is dedicated to sustainable growth while preserving its cultural and natural heritage and promoting economic and tourism development. Through its subsidiary TAWAL, stc Group, the engine of digital transformation in the region, plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between the past, present, and future by implementing globally standardized connectivity technologies in ALUla and its archaeological sites while preserving the culture and heritage of the area.

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Guiding principles

In this matter, the integration of technical equipment was made in harmony with the city’s remarkable geological structures and complex natural ecosystem and guided by the stc group’s core beliefs and principles, which are as follows:

  • Preserving the natural heritage: stc believes that harmonizing technology and nature can help preserve the natural heritage of any region while ensuring minimal visual disruption and nature’s safety.
  • Seamless integration: stc group’s technical infrastructure was designed to blend seamlessly with nature, minimizing visual impact and ensuring non-interference with its surroundings, all with utmost precision to maintain functionality.
  • Environmental sustainability: underpinning its commitment and growing emphasis on sustainability, stc group implemented several eco-friendly technical solutions to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions to contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Enhance the visitors’ experience: stc Group provided various solutions to enhance the overall visitor experience with unobstructed views of the natural scenery and minimal aesthetic disruption. Hence, they can connect with nature uninterruptedly.
  • Aesthetic innovation: stc Group follows a pioneering approach in designing infrastructure, providing visually unique and captivating solutions, which shows technology integration with aesthetic aspects while committing to innovation and creativity.

Innovative and eco-conscious move

This has typically been reflected in stc’s innovative and eco-conscious move to screen all its technical equipment from the public realm by piloting camouflaged towers in the city. The towers have undergone a remarkable transformation in alignment with the Group’s sustainability vision. This initiative is an ideal model for developing environmentally responsible infrastructure and proves the Group’s dedication to reducing carbon footprint while advancing technologically.

The revamped network tower represents a significant milestone in achieving the group’s objective to promote sustainability and preserve the planet’s natural resources. The tower was clad entirely in mirrors in such a way that it suited the surrounding landscape. It stands now as a testament to the integration of technology and nature, showcasing how the two aspects can coexist harmoniously.

Several advantages

stc Group’s telecommunication tower project ensures several advantages as follows:

  • Preserving the natural heritage: The mirrors of the telecommunications towers blended in well with the surrounding landscape, camouflaging themselves among the Rose-Red Canyons and sandstone Tombs and causing minimal visual disturbance to the pristine natural beauty of the city.
  • Environmental sustainability: The project highlights stc Group’s environmental responsibility. The mirror coverage reduces the tower’s energy consumption.
  • Seamless integration: When the mirrors reflect the rosy, pink hue of the valleys, oasis, clear sky and spectacular scenery, the tower seamlessly mends into its surroundings amid the natural beauty. This transformation has been implemented accurately, preserving the tower’s functionality.
  • The visitors’ experience: Guests can now enjoy an uninterrupted natural view. The tower’s visual disappearance enhances the visual experience, enabling a seamless connection with nature.
  • Aesthetic innovation: The use of mirrors not only helps achieve environmental goals but also reflects a pioneering approach to telecom infrastructure design. This project is a prime example of creatively integrating technical processes with aesthetic appeal. It showcases the group’s innovative spirit and ability to customize solutions depending on customers’ needs.

Preserving heritage

stc group has successfully preserved heritage while embracing technology, a significant milestone highlighting the Group’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. It also demonstrates the perfect harmony between advanced technology and maintaining traditions, reflecting an innovative model that adapts to modern demands while preserving cultural heritage.

Furthermore, the tower project shows the Group’s dedication to creating sustainable infrastructure. It showcases commitment to environmental sustainability, seamless integration and aesthetic innovation. The project’s technical details prove that these goals have been successfully achieved, and it inspires other infrastructure projects.

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