Twitter sheds its feathers, gets an X makeover

An interim X logo will replace the Twitter bird logo later today
Twitter sheds its feathers, gets an X makeover

Following a tweet from Twitter owner Elon Musk, now redirects to As a result of this, the Twitter bird logo will be replaced with an “interim X logo” later today. Prior to the alteration, Musk dedicated a significant amount of time tweeting about the impending change.

Elon Musk began tweeting around 12 AM ET last night. He continued for several hours regarding the rebranding of Twitter to X, a one-letter name that he has frequently used in his company and product names. It all began with a tweet in which he stated that “soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.” He followed up with a second tweet indicating that if a suitable X logo is posted that night, it will be launched worldwide the following day.

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In the following hours, Musk made several tweets highlighting the contrast between his previous posts and replies. He used phrases such as “Deus X” and engaged with other Twitter users discussing the topic. Additionally, he participated in a Twitter Spaces session named “No one talks until we summon Elon Musk”. He remained quiet for almost an hour before speaking up.

During the session, he confirmed that he would be altering Twitter’s logo the next day. He humorously remarked that they would use blowtorches to remove the logo from the building.

Zoe Schiffer, the managing editor at Platformer, recently posted that Musk allegedly sent an email to Twitter employees last night. The email announced that the company would be renamed X. He also reportedly mentioned that it would be his last email from a Twitter address. Schiffer speculated that Musk was likely referring to the logo, since Twitter had already been renamed to X Corp.

Musk did not provide any specific details about the new logo. However, he did pin a GIF posted by Sawyer Merritt, a Twitter user who had previously used the logo for a now-defunct podcast.


The letter “X” has been a recurring motif in Musk’s projects for over two decades. It was the original name for PayPal, is featured in his SpaceX company name, and is a part of the name of the Tesla SUV. Musk has also expressed his desire to transform Twitter into the “X, the everything app.” Recently, Musk has acquired the domain back from PayPal in 2017, and it seems he finally has plans for it.

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