UAE’s innovative initiative Future100 establishes 25 strategic partnerships

Supporting top emerging companies, boosting UAE's competitiveness
UAE’s innovative initiative Future100 establishes 25 strategic partnerships
Part of the occasion (Photo from WAM)

Future100, an innovative collaborative initiative led by the UAE Ministry of Economy and the Government Development and Future Office, has successfully established 25 strategic partnerships.

The objective of these partnerships is to provide support to the top 100 emerging companies that contribute significantly to enhancing the competitiveness of future economy sectors in the UAE.

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Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, the UAE minister of economy, Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, the minister of state for government development and the future, and Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid, the director-general of community development authority and board member of the national CSR fund (Majra), were present during the signing of these partnership agreements.

On the occasion of World Futures Day, which aligns with the UAE’s National Day on December 2nd, the highly anticipated inaugural list of Future100 will be revealed.

With the establishment of these new partnerships, the initiative is set to accomplish its objectives, which encompass enhancing future readiness, strengthening the UAE’s position as a hub for new economy companies, fostering an enabling environment for the growth and success of these enterprises, and expanding opportunities for their local and global development.

In addition, the Microsoft for Startup Founders Hub will provide state-of-the-art artificial intelligence services and expert mentorship to nurture innovation and promote sustainable growth within the startup community.

Proactive intiatives

The UAE government has emerged as one of the most proactive worldwide. The country has implemented various programs to support the economy and maintain their leadership. This proactive approach is driven by the need to adapt to a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The government has introduced several initiatives to drive the future economy forward. These initiatives include the UAE Centennial 2017 road map, the Fifty Economic Plan, and the Emirates Blockchain Strategy. Additionally, they encompass the Green Growth Strategy and the Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In addition, the government has implemented the Circular Economy Policy. They have also introduced the National Programme for Artificial Intelligence 2031. Furthermore, they have established the Energy Strategy 2050.

These initiatives cover various focus areas and sectors. Furthermore, they illustrate the government’s comprehensive approach to promoting economic growth and sustainability.

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