Upcoming attractions in Saudi worth waiting for

Tourism industry expected to gain massive boost
Upcoming attractions in Saudi worth waiting for
Saudi is elevating its leisure and entertainment offers

Saudi’s upcoming attractions and destinations are integral to its ambitions to elevate its tourism industry. The introduction of these exciting Saudi attractions will help its tourism industry contribute about nine percent to its GDP by 2025

Moreover, these projects will also have an impact on the global travel and tourism. Hence, these projects are eagerly awaited, Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come for Saudi’s growing tourism sector.

Leisure and entertainment attractions


Saudi Arabia is unveiling a series of cutting-edge attractions. Among these, AMAALA, a giga-project that intertwines luxury and wellness while promoting a more sustainable economy, stands out.

Spanning a staggering 3,800 square kilometers, AMAALA boasts a myriad of 3,000 hotel rooms. Presently, the project is in its first phase, known as the Triple Bay masterplan. Upon completion in 2027, it will feature eight hotels, together comprising 1,200 keys.

The evolution of AMAALA’s development serves as a testament to the kingdom’s dedication to fostering economic growth through innovative tourism initiatives. Furthermore, the project’s focus on sustainability presents a unique business opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Discovery Adventures

Developed in partnership with Warner Bros., this Saudi attraction represents a significant leap in the nation’s leisure and entertainment sector.

Slated to be the world’s first indoor Discovery Adventures Center, this innovative theme park will be located in Riyadh and span a substantial area of 3,000 square meters. Beyond traditional theme park elements, it will likewise host cinemas, bowling alleys, and karting tracks, broadening its appeal to a wider demographic.

Journey Through Time 

Destined to emerge as one of Saudi’s must-see attractions, this project is nestled within the historic city of Hegra. Spanning a diverse array of five districts, the project will spotlight multiple heritage sites, fostering connections to their distinct histories.

At the heart of this venture is a 20-kilometer green pedestrian spine, seamlessly linking the districts. Furthermore, a state-of-the-art 46-kilometer low-carbon tramline will connect the five sites to the AlUla International Airport.

From a business standpoint, Journey Through Time offers valuable opportunities by revitalizing the tourism industry and creating new avenues for investment.

Saudi attractions

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Qiddiya Water Theme Park

Saudi Arabia is gearing up to unveil its inaugural waterpark, the family-friendly Qiddiya Water Theme Park.

Comprising 22 thrilling rides and slides, the park features nine astonishing ‘world firsts’ dispersed across nine distinct animal-themed zones. Additionally, visitors will find a fully-equipped water sports facility, including a surfable wave machine and a beach area. After indulging in action-packed, water-fueled activities, guests can refuel at a vast selection of on-site restaurants.

This Saudi attraction embodies the Kingdom’s commitment to diversifying its economy and fostering a vibrant entertainment scene. Similarly, it is set to attract an increasing number of tourists and locals alike.

Fully integrated projects

King Salman Park

With its comprehensive development plan, King Salman Park is poised to redefine urban greening and provide an extraordinary repertoire of experiences.

King Salman Park is expected to open its doors in 2024. It emerges as a place of tranquility, featuring lush, tree-filled gardens perfect for relaxation. Simultaneously, it houses structures such as the Royal Arts Complex and the National Theatre, museums, pavilions, and art galleries, all promising stimulating experiences.

Adventure seekers can look forward to heart-racing experiences at the on-site skydive center or leisurely rounds of golf. Further, the park includes aqua and amusement parks, contributing to a rich mosaic of activities.


Pangeos is a one-of-a-kind upcoming Saudi attraction. Once completed, it will the largest turtle-shaped floating city in the world, with the capacity to accommodate an astonishing 60,000 people.

Measuring an impressive 610 meters in length, designers meticulously created Pangeos to provide a variety of luxurious residential options, including 19 villas and 64 apartments. Further, there is a thriving rooftop garden and a mall, providing residents with an unparalleled living experience.

Pangeos presents remarkable opportunities in realms like tourism, hospitality, and real estate. Moreover, it elevates the international standing of the country by attracting global investors and visitors alike.


Trojena is a focal point of the $500 bn NEOM strategy. Planned for completion in 2026, Trojena aims to become a hub for skiing, snowboarding, and ice-skating throughout the year. In addition to these sports, visitors will witness magnificent views, experience outdoor adventures, and enjoy a thriving après-ski scene.

As part of the broader NEOM strategy, it exhibits the prospect of all-season, activity-centered tourism, breaking from traditional sun-and-sand offerings.

Not only will it attract winter sports aficionados but also a broader audience looking for diverse experiences, which could boost tourism numbers and revenues. Trojena’s promotional activities, encompassing wellness, fashion, arts, and food festivals, also present unique opportunities for businesses in these sectors.

Final thoughts

The multitude of projects in development in Saudi Arabia underscores the kingdom’s commitment to transforming its tourism sector. These Saudi attractions reflect the blend of preserving the past while embracing the future, promising an enriched experience for visitors.

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