What did MBRSC say about Rashid?

Spacecraft could have made a hard landing on the moon
What did MBRSC say about Rashid?
Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi prepares the spacewalk suit inside the airlock room aboard the International Space Station, in preparation for his spacewalk mission on April 28

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) has published a statement on the Emirates Lunar Exploration Project (Rashid Explorer), stressing that after iSpace announced that the landing of the Hakuto R was unsuccessful, “we commend the great efforts made by the mission partner iSpace, which spared no effort to achieve a successful landing on the moon.”

“MBRSC has successfully achieved the goal of designing and developing the explorer. Launching it into lunar orbit is in itself a very significant achievement, although Rashid and the other payloads on board have not achieved their missions on the planned path.”

It thanked the CNES-France for their scientific and technical contribution throughout the mission and appreciated the contributions of all our local and international partners.

iSpace said in a statement Wednesday that there was a “high probability that the spacecraft made a hard landing on the surface of the moon”, noting that its engineers were trying to understand the reasons for the failure.

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The startup had earlier announced that it had lost contact with the vehicle on time for its landing.

The Hakoto-R spacecraft, which has been in lunar orbit for a month about 100 kilometers above its surface, began its landing attempt through a fully automated operation.

Everything appeared to be going as scheduled, but after the scheduled landing date, around 16.40 GMT on Tuesday, the company’s ground teams tried in vain to re-establish contact with the company for about ten minutes.

The company’s president and founder Takeshi Hakamada said: “While we don’t think a landing is possible this time, we believe that this task was of great importance, as it allowed us to gain a lot of data and experience.”

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