Yiti: A sustainable dream off of the Gulf of Oman

The city of the future is currently in development and hopes to be completed by 2025
Yiti: A sustainable dream off of the Gulf of Oman

The up-and-coming city of Yiti, Oman is being constructed with the aim of being a working model for cities of the future. The sustainable city, one of the first-of-it’s-kind in the Middle East, is promising to be net-zero, generating its energy from recycled water and waste. Yiti is located near an international airport and is on the coast of the Gulf of Oman.

Designed with the intention of enhancing residents’ well-being, developers of the project began selling property in May of this year. The project, which spans about 1 million square meters, features more than 1,650 residential units, 300 of which are energy-efficient villas. All construction will be fitted with solar panels. The city will also have biodomes, community gardens, and greenhouses for local food production, with irrigation systems for the use of recycled water. 422 of the residential units are currently available to be purchased.

The projected outcome is that residents will be able to save up to 100 percent of their energy bill and decrease their water bills by as much as 50 percent, thanks to high-efficiency water systems.

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The project is a product of collaboration between the state-owned OMRAN, Oman Tourism Development Company, and Diamond Developers, a sustainable development firm out of the Emirates.

Salah Habib, CEO of Diamond Developers comments, “The resounding success of The Sustainable City concept and the high demand for our brand are testaments to the growing appetite for eco-friendly living. As we expand our footprint in the region, we are confident that our commitment to delivering world-class, sustainable developments will resonate with investors who understand the long-term value and impact of embracing sustainable communities”.

From conception to creation, The Sustainable City – Yiti is an entire ecosystem fitted with features that cater to the many facets of urban living. A “Green Spine” will feature plants running through the city, highlighting the natural elements that this city is surrounded by. There is a “See Lab,” which is meant to be an academic facility for interested individuals to learn about sustainability. Yiti also features a school, a wellness center, a running track, a center for autism, and a sports park.

For tourists interested in visiting futuristic cities, Yiti is planning on constructing an eco-friendly 4-star hotel and a 5-star seaside resort. They aim to be completely net zero by 2040. Developers hope to complete the construction of Yiti by 2025.

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