Can aging be a thing of the past?

Biomolecular restoration: Making reverse-aging a reality
Can aging be a thing of the past?
Biomolecular Restoration

The Kusnacht Practice has developed a tailor-made BIO-R® program. A biomolecular rejuvenation cure for body and brain – a booster to maximize physical and emotional well-being.

The BIO-R® program is about recalibrating the body, mind, and energy through treatments that are grounded in science, recharging the batteries, and restoring sparkle and vibrancy to life.

Benefits include an increase in strength and stamina, cognitive function (memory, concentration, sharpness), detoxification, weight management, anti-aging, and longevity. The program can also reduce risk factors for lifestyle-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease and support their treatment.

In-depth lab tests are done by the BIO-R® specialist team to define the client’s status of aging and present vitality scores across metabolism, stress, and fitness. This allows them to verify that individual’s true biological age and health status.

They then prescribe personalized BIO-R® micronutrient supplementation and specific lifestyle changes, which reduce and re-balance metabolic pro-aging stress factors, as well as regulate protein complexes on a cellular level to ‘switch on’ reverse aging and longevity. The principle of homeostasis plays a key role here, which is the root of other recognized practices such as intermittent fasting, cryotherapy, and intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia treatment (IHHT) among others we consider when forming the personalized programs.

Challenging the client’s metabolism boosts autophagy on a cellular level in the body and mind, allowing rejuvenation. “Auto” means self and “phage” means eat; this is the body essentially “self-eating” its damaged, senescence cells and recycling proteins to replenish with fresh, new cells.

Silent inflammation, glycosylation, and oxidation are part of pro-aging mechanisms and there are protein complexes such as MTOR, AMPK, or Sirtuins which, depending on their up and down regulation, influence health and longevity.

With the help of expert guidance from the BIO-R® team of world-leading expert doctors, gynecologists, dermatologists, sleep experts, personal trainers, scientific nutritionists, and coaches, clients will receive 360° support, acquiring a new lifestyle that is truly sustainable beyond their stay, through good and bad times. They can go on living a dynamic and fulfilling life while maintaining optimal health in the long term and delaying the aging process. 

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