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By Economy Middle East
August 29, 2022 5:44 pm

Communication providers must personalize experiences: Report

Commitment to digitalization to shape future of communications industry
Communications providers
Communication service providers

The future of the communications industry relies on a commitment to digital technologies and strategic investment in new opportunities. Offering enhanced, engaging, and personalized experiences will ensure that providers stay competitive, according to a new report released by software company Salesforce.

Digital transformation done right doesn’t just benefit customers. It also increases employee satisfaction by enabling a more efficient workplace. 

Communication service providers can drive satisfaction and find new opportunities for growth. Finding reveals that leaning into digital investment providers is key to boosting differentiation and avoiding commoditization.

Salesforce observes that what makes new technology entrants so compelling is their great user experience – something traditional providers have struggled to deliver.

78 percent of wireless customers and 76 percent of cable customers said they are at least somewhat likely to switch to a tech provider.

Moreover, a growing number of cable customers are cutting the cord altogether, opting to rely on streaming entertainment services (33 percent) and wireless internet access (20 percent).

To stay competitive and attract and retain new customers, providers need, the report said, to take a page from consumer tech companies like Amazon and Apple and start delivering better and more personalized customer experiences across every channel.

This includes planning for and supporting, the joining of online and offline experiences. Despite the increasing adoption of online channels, customers are finding the experience lacking.

In addition, Salesforce noted that providers who are able to gain insight into their customer base and provide better service at every touchpoint could gain a significant edge in meeting customer needs and expectations. 

As more personal and professional lives move online, it’s imperative, according to the survey, that providers meet business and consumer needs for greater bandwidth with faster throughput, lower latency, and improved reliability.