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By Economy Middle East
October 12, 2022 1:27 pm

E-bikes promising but not really big money makers

Global e-bike sales could reach $40 to $120 bn by 2030
Electric bike

Despite the potential for continued growth—according to various projections, global e-bike sales could reach $40 billion to $120 billion by 2030—the micro-mobility sector still largely belongs to unheard-of startups, established cycling brands, and a select few motorcycle powerhouses, according to a  published Fortune report.

According to the article, this raises the question: Why haven’t Big Tech and Big Auto gotten into the e-bike business yet?

E-bike sales are booming domestically, in the US, and internationally, outpacing electric vehicle unit sales. E-bikes help replace carbon-emitting vehicles. Apple could pretty seamlessly integrate its existing and future technology into an e-bike, the report says.  

“I fundamentally believe there’s no better product for Apple in mobility than micro-mobility,” tech analyst, and Apple observer,  Horace Dediu told Bloomberg. 

Dediu’s argument could apply to the largest tech and automotive companies, the report suggests. 

In reality, there are many reasons why Apple and its mega-cap peers would put the breaks on Dediu’s dream. For instance, Amazon, which is falling behind on its climate goals, could easily acquire a micro-mobility company and employ the outfit’s two-wheelers across its e-commerce logistics network.

E-bikes aren’t particularly profitable, especially when compared to more expensive and in higher-demand vehicles and electronic hardware. Worries about e-bike safety may also discourage investment. E-bikes may still be a passing trend, particularly if electric vehicle technology develops at a rapid rate.