Expats fuel high population growth in Oman

Omanis constituted 57.62 percent with 2,881,313 citizens
Expats fuel high population growth in Oman
Oman's population has broken the barrier of 5 million

The population of Oman has crossed the barrier of 5 million with a noticeable expat population, according to the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

The population clock at the center indicated that the total population of Omanis and residents reached 5,000,772 million. Omanis constituted 57.62 percent with 2,881,313 citizens, while residents constituted 42.38 percent with 2,119,459.

According to the electronic census of population, housing, and establishments, the results of which were announced in December 2020, the population has increased by 61 percent in 10 years compared to the 2010 census.

Dr. Khalfan Al Shuaili, Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, stated earlier that expectations indicate that the population of the Sultanate of Oman will reach 8 million by the year 2040.

NCSI clarified previously that the Sultanate witnessed several developments in population numbers, the first of which was in 1980 when the population reached one million and 60 thousand people, then in 1993 when the general census of population and establishments was conducted and the population reached two million.

In 2009, the population reached 3.17 million, and it exceeded 4 million in 2015.

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Expat population


By the end of November 2022, Oman’s population has reached approximately 5 million, including 2 million expats.

The population of the Sultanate reached 4,904,047 at the end of last November, compared to last October when the population reached 4,876,125.

According to NCSI statistics, the number of Omanis at the end of November reached 2,861,417, an increase of 4,640 people from the previous month’s total of 2,856,777.

Moreover, the statistics showed that the number of expatriates in Oman at the end of last November reached 2,042,630, compared to last October when their number reached 2,019,348, an increase of 23,282.

At the end of December 2022, data showed an increase in the number of expatriates compared to November 2022, with an increase of 23,609 expatriates.

The population reached 4,993,850 million in December, including 2,066,239 million expatriates.

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