How to increase footfall during lean seasons

Proven methods to attract more customers
How to increase footfall during lean seasons
Lean seasons are a big challenge for retailers

To increase footfall during lean seasons is one of the challenges that retailers face. This is especially important for independent retailers, who lack large marketing budgets and consistent footfall throughout the year.

But with the right planning and execution, you can easily overcome this challenge and increase your sales during lean seasons.

What are lean seasons?

Lean seasons are periods of lower customer traffic and reduced sales, which can negatively impact revenue and profitability. 

In most of the MENA region, the summer months are considered to be the leanest. The extremely hot and humid weather tends to deter customers from visiting stores and shopping malls.

As a result, retailers often experience lower revenue and profitability.

Tips to increase retail footfall

Enhance the shopping experience

Upgrading the store layout and visual merchandising is an effective way to increase retail footfall during lean seasons. Arrange products strategically and create an appealing display with eye-catching colors, lighting, and clear signage.

Additionally, implement attractive store displays and showcase your best-selling or seasonal products in prominent areas using creative displays to capture customer interest. 

Ensure signage is clear, informative, and easy to read, directing customers to different sections or highlighting special offers.

In addition, creating a pleasant atmosphere is also important. Pay attention to lighting, temperature, background music, and interactive elements like seating areas.

Finally, offering personalized customer service makes a big difference. Train staff to provide friendly and knowledgeable assistance, engage customers, answer questions, and make product recommendations.

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Launching promotional campaigns

Regular promotional campaigns can help increase footfall and drive more traffic to your store. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Implement targeted social media campaigns: Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to create targeted promotions based on demographic data and interests. 
  • Offer exclusive discounts and incentives: Drive footfall to your store by creating exclusive in-store promotions. This could include limited-time discounts, buy-one-get-one deals, or free gifts with purchases. 
  • Collaborate with complementary businesses: Partner with other local businesses that have a similar target audience. Develop joint promotions or cross-promote each other’s products or services. 
  • Host in-store events: Organize events or workshops that align with your products or services. This could be a product demonstration or a meet-and-greet with a popular local figure. 
  • Implement a customer loyalty program: Launch a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers for their loyalty. This keeps customers engaged and incentivizes them to continue shopping with you. Otherwise, enhance existing loyalty programs with better rewards during lean seasons.

Local community events

Another effective strategy to increase retail footfall is to host or participate in local community events. The UAE has a vibrant local event scene with a wide range of festivals and community gatherings throughout the year.

Getting involved in these events allows you to interact with the community, raise awareness about your store, and attract footfall from the surrounding area.

For example, the UAE hosts cultural festivals like the Dubai Shopping Festival, which draws large crowds. By getting involved in such events, retailers can tap into a diverse audience and showcase your products or merchandise.

In addition, local community events provide an opportunity to directly engage with potential customers. This can generate curiosity and interest, driving more people to visit your shopping space and increasing retail footfall.

Final thoughts

Lean seasons can pose challenges, but by implementing these strategies and staying agile, retailers can overcome obstacles and thrive. 

By staying proactive and embracing innovation, retailers can not only increase retail footfall during lean seasons but also build long-term success.

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