Including iPhone 14.. These are the products Apple will reveal today

New iPhone series has four phones, the most notable of which is the Pro Max 14
iPhone 14
iPhone 14 (Image credit: Forbes)

Apple fans are bracing for the company’s event on Wednesday evening, which will reveal the new products that many are anticipating, most notably the iPhone 14.

What products will Apple show off?


These are the products most likely to be released today.

  • iPhone: New iPhone series will be unveiled by the company. The new iPhone series includes four phones, the most notable of which is the Pro Max 14. The Max 14 will also be the replacement for the small iPhone Mini.
  • Apple Watch: The new Pro watch is one of the most visible Apple products that will be unveiled at the annual event, and it is expected to have a modern design and be the most powerful Apple watch to date.
  • Headphones: It has not been confirmed, but Apple may unveil the new AirPods Pro 2 headphones, which are based on the extremely popular first Pro version. 
  • Augmented Reality: During the ceremony, the company may announce its entry into the world of Augmented Reality and reveal its next plan to produce an augmented reality device that places the user in impressive places when worn.

Products that will not be revealed at the event


According to Sky News, not all new products will be revealed at the event. These include the following:

  • Economy iPad: In October, Apple will release a budget iPad with fewer features at a lower price.
  • iPad Pro: The 10th generation of this item, which will be unveiled in October, will be the final version of the popular device.
  • Mac Pro: Apple will show off its ultra-featured CPU, which will transform a user’s computer into a powerful machine.