Kuwait picks Google Cloud

To commence nationwide digital transformation roadmap
Kuwait Google Cloud
Programmer using Google Cloud

Google Cloud has announced a strategic partnership with the Kuwaiti government. The agreement aims to contribute to Kuwait’s goal of becoming a data-driven economy.

To meet national digitization commitments, the Kuwait government will leverage Google Cloud’s technology and expertise in data analytics, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence (AI).

A digital transformation roadmap will be implemented across government entities and key state-owned enterprises as part of the alliance. The project’s main goals will be to digitize citizen services and increase government employee productivity, as well as to implement digital transformation initiatives in healthcare, education, disaster recovery, and smart living.

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To meet this demand, Google Cloud plans to open a local office in Kuwait and invest in the development of a cutting-edge cloud region to support the country’s public sector organizations, businesses, and start-ups.

Google Cloud will also launch a national skilling program in collaboration with the Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT). The program will aim to train government employees in digital technologies and Google Cloud’s data analytics, machine learning, AI, and security solutions.

Thomas Kurian, chief executive officer at Google Cloud, said: “The strategic alliance supports the Government of Kuwait’s Vision 2035, which aims to transform Kuwait into a digital society and diversify its economy.”

“We are proud to bring the latest Google Cloud technologies to Kuwait to help the country realize its digitization ambitions. The arrival of Google Cloud will contribute to developing a rich tech ecosystem in the country, creating exciting, highly-skilled job opportunities for Kuwaitis.”

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