Meta’s new AI advancements optimize ads system

Meta Lattice: A powerful new AI model
Meta’s new AI advancements optimize ads system
Meta's AI advancements enhance ad performance

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced new AI advancements to improve its ads system performance and efficiency.

One of the key developments is the AI Sandbox, which will allow advertisers to test new generative AI-powered ad tools. The platform will provide users with tools like text variation, background generation, and image outcropping to make their ads more engaging and diverse.

In addition, the company has been using AI and machine learning for years to optimize its ads, but it is now rolling out more powerful AI models to improve performance across all ad types and ad surfaces. Meta Lattice, a new model architecture that learns to predict an ad’s performance across different optimization goals, has been deployed to improve the performance of its ads system holistically. 

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Meta Lattice has several key components, including a holistic understanding of both advertiser and people objectives, handling delayed feedback, balancing multiple domains and objectives, and advanced model scaling. The model architecture is highly scalable on graphics processing units (GPUs) and has trillions of parameters with hundreds of billions of examples from thousands of data domains. 

The new AI advancements are designed to enhance Meta’s ads system in several ways. Firstly, it can improve ad quality to provide better experiences for people or increase conversion rates for higher returns on ad spend for advertisers. Secondly, it can improve AI efficiency by maintaining and advancing fewer, more powerful models, making the overall ads system more nimble in adopting future AI innovations. Lastly, it can adapt to the shifting market landscape more quickly, especially as evolving data use regulations and platform practices change the type and amount of data available to machine learning models.

The AI Sandbox and Meta Lattice are part of Meta’s broader efforts to use AI to improve its apps and services, including its ads system. Through these developments, Meta hopes to provide businesses with smarter and more flexible AI systems that can adapt to market changes and utilize new AI innovations efficiently. With these new tools and capabilities, advertisers can test and experiment with new AI models and algorithms, helping them to improve the performance of their ads and ultimately achieve better results for their businesses.

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