Hats off to this new migraine therapy

4 million Americans suffer from chronic migraine
Hats off to this new migraine therapy
Migraine hat

We despise migraines, in case you didn’t already know. They’re incapacitating and excruciatingly painful, putting our entire lives on hold.

Fortunately, a product called TheraIce RX can help relieve your headaches. It’s a hat that uses cold therapy to relieve migraine and other headache pain. This one-of-a-kind cap relieves pain without the use of drugs or side effects.

According to, some studies found that “12 percent of adults in the US population have migraine, and 4 million have chronic migraine.” They also discovered that women are more likely than men to suffer from migraines.

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A migraine is defined by Mayo Clinic as “severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation.” When you have chronic migraines, you have a kit full of go-to products to help you stop the migraine. However, getting new products to help relieve pain, especially one that is beloved by thousands of customers, is a near-miracle. And, thanks to nearly 5,000 Amazon customers, we may have discovered yet another “life-changing” migraine treatment.

The Migraine cap is an innovative tool created by Sherri Pulie, who has suffered from migraines her entire life. This simple tool provides relief by delivering cooling ice therapy to the areas where you are most likely to experience a migraine. To get precise relief, the hat can be wrapped tightly around the temples, neck, forehead, or over one’s eyes. This comfortable tool, which is both versatile and adjustable, is the wearable ice pack all migraine sufferers silently wished for.

According to the manufacturer, all you have to do is place the wrap in your refrigerator or freezer until it reaches the desired temperature. You can even store it in its convenient carrying case to avoid losing or damaging it.

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