Saudi Arabia’s Sharaan Resort project at AlUla begins

Upon completion, the resort will feature 38 suites carved into the sandstone mountains of AlUla
Saudi Arabia’s Sharaan Resort project at AlUla begins
The resort underscores the Kingdom's dedication to preserving AlUla's natural beauty and historical significance (Image: RCU)

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has initiated the rock excavation for its Sharaan Resort within the Sharaan nature reserve. This step symbolizes the inception of a project that harmonizes visionary architecture with cutting-edge engineering. It also underscores the commission’s commitment to sustainable and innovative construction practices.

Eco-luxury experience

Sharaan Resort is located in the landscapes of AlUla, Saudi Arabia. Its design offers a unique eco-luxury experience that showcases the region’s rich heritage. Upon completion, the resort will feature 38 suites that are carved into the sandstone mountains of AlUla. Moreover, the resort will include multiple wellness facilities, family-friendly amenities, a diverse food and beverage scene, and unique panoramic views of the region.

Sustainable development

In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the AlUla Sustainability Charter, the project prioritizes minimizing environmental impact in the tourism industry. The Sharaan Resort represents a commitment to pioneering sustainable development while bolstering luxury tourism in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia. Through a strategic partnership between RCU, Jean Nouvel, and Bouygues Construction, the project exemplifies international collaboration towards sustainable growth and development.

Moreover, the resort underscores RCU’s dedication to preserving AlUla’s natural beauty and historical significance. Hence, RCU aims to strike a balance between luxury hospitality and environmental conservation. In addition, it aims to transform AlUla into a premier global destination and the world’s largest living museum.

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Future prospects

The Sharaan Resort marks a significant stride towards RCU’s ambitious goal of expanding AlUla’s hospitality landscape. The commission plans to introduce 5,000 hotel rooms by 2030 and 8,500 by 2035. This expansion embodies the integration of luxury amenities with sustainable practices, shaping the future of AlUla as a beacon of eco-conscious tourism.

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