Saudi at the forefront of threat readiness

Trend Micro blocked 107 million threats in Saudi
Saudi at the forefront of threat readiness

Better readiness for security teams against emerging threats is necessary across sectors. Saudi is at the forefront of this movement against the threat landscape, according to a new report commissioned by IT security company Trend Micro.

In its annual cybersecurity report, Trend Micro highlights the growing rate of cyber-attacks by malicious actors on digital infrastructures and individuals in the modern-day hybrid work environment.

The study reveals that in Saudi, 63 million (63,206,780) email threats, more than 6.4 million (6,484,710) malware attacks, and over 17.5 million (17,522,982) URL victims’ attacks have been detected

Saudi was recently ranked second in the Global Cybersecurity Index for its commitment to cybersecurity.

As part of its efforts to become a trusted partner of Saudi in bolstering its security posture, Trend Micro has established its MEA headquarters in Riyadh.

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