Twitter’s X factor

Tweets are gone and the one question surrounding X is: Y?
Twitter’s X factor
Twitter to X

X is the ultimate puzzle that Twitter needs to solve going forward, as the world deals with the company’s latest branding equation with too many unknowns.

Elon Musk’s infatuation with X is well documented and put him in the hot seat before with PayPal when he tried to rebrand it to but got into trouble with a name association reflecting an indecent industry.

Of course, we have SpaceX and Xcorp was established as a success to Twitter. Musk’s artificial intelligence company xAI ventures also bears the symbol. Musk even named one of his kids X.

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Twitter as a concept is being phased out and birds that once shook presidential elections and shared history in the making, will simply no longer have that status among us.

No more “tweets” or “retweets”. Just X’s. Not to be confused with ‘Exes’ as in former ‘in laws’, or X, as in former wife or husband, or XXXX as in pre-emoji logos for kisses at the end of emails.

The new strategy is an X-factor, not to be confused with the TV show where contestants compete against each other to impress judges with their musical talent.

X’s can present branding challenges. Many of us might simply forget to put an apostrophe after the X and just write Xs instead of X’s.

X is also the button one presses to close a file so imagine every time someone sends an X while you’re working or playing, you instinctively obliterate it from existence.

Then you have the issue of REX, which could be the replacement for Re-tweets, and not to be confused with Dynamosaurus REX.

Musk actually discussed the issue of re-tweets. He said: “That whole concept should be rethought.”

For her part, X CEO Linda Yaccarino x’d: “X is the future state of unlimited interactivity—centered in audio, video, messaging, payments/banking—creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities.”

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