Women at the forefront: Saudi’s pursuit of gender equality

Vision 2030 is promoting women's involvement in the Kingdom
Women at the forefront: Saudi’s pursuit of gender equality
Empowering Women for Vision 2030.

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 places significant emphasis on promoting women’s involvement in various sectors. The nation is actively working towards empowering women and enhancing their participation in the economic development of the Kingdom. Women are central to the transformation process, and the country has implemented initiatives to support policies related to women’s advancement. These efforts aim to enable women to attain positions at ministerial and ambassadorial levels, as well as become members of the Shura Council.

At the United Nations Human Rights Council’s fifty-third session in Geneva, Eiman Al-Mutairi, assistant minister at Saudi Ministry of Commerce, highlighted the pivotal role of women’s participation in the Vision 2030 initiative.

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Provided below is an overview of Saudi Arabia’s efforts in promoting gender equality and empowering women, focusing on the significant impact of Wild, the female networking platform launched in Riyadh in 2022.

Wild: Empowering women in leadership

The introduction of the Wild female networking platform aims to foster local women’s leadership and advance gender equality. Eiman Al-Mutair a key figure in this initiative, emphasizes that the state’s dedication to this cause goes beyond mere promises for the future; it reflects an ongoing transformation taking place throughout Saudi Arabia.

Economic empowerment

A key outcome of the economic diversification efforts outlined in Vision 2030 is to increase women’s participation in the Saudi labor market. In 2022, women’s participation in the labor force stood at 37 percent. Statistics from the General Statistical Authority showed an increase in the participation of Saudi women in the 15-24 age group from 48 percent in the second quarter to 50.1 percent in the third quarter of 2022.

Leadership in business

In 2022, women accounted for 41 percent of the top and middle positions in Saudi Arabia’s business sector. These statistics underscore the significant progress made towards attaining gender balance in leadership roles.

Promoting diversity and inclusion

Al-Mutairi highlighted the significance of fostering diverse and inclusive environments, aligning with the core principles and goals of Vision 2030. The pursuit of this transformational change relies on the collaborative efforts of both women and men working together to achieve it.

Role of youth

The youth population in Saudi Arabia, particularly the millennials and Generation Z, constitutes over 56 percent of the country’s total population. With their increasing economic influence, they play a pivotal role as catalysts for transformative change. Taking proactive measures, they are actively working towards realizing the goals set forth in Vision 2030.

Economic advantages of gender equality

Research indicates that companies with gender diversity are poised to outperform their competitors by 26 percent in terms of profitability. Having a greater representation of women in leadership positions leads to enhanced profitability, expanded market share, increased productivity, and greater innovation. This serves as a significant competitive advantage for companies.

 Cultural shift

Through a combination of supportive government policies and a genuine dedication to driving change and diversity, Saudi Arabia is making remarkable strides towards achieving gender equality. The nation is steadily progressing to become a role model for progressive reforms and forward-looking initiatives.

Collaboration for a better future

Saudi’s unwavering commitment to empowering women, encouraging their economic participation, and collaborating with highly skilled Saudi youth sets the stage for a promising future. With a visionary outlook, the nation’s future rests in the capable and efficient hands of its responsible leaders.

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