Digitization, AI dominate investment trends for next 30 years

Energy Security, Aging Population also scored high on survey
Digitization, AI dominate investment trends for next 30 years
Digitization & AI

Investcorp, a global alternative investment firm, today announced the dominant investment megatrends for the next 30 years. The study maps the wider demographic, resource, technological, and environmental factors that are driving the global economy and what that means for current and future investment opportunities.

The survey polled global institutional investors, ranging from pension funds to family offices, on their sentiments and allocations regarding the most pressing secular trends that are expected to shape the global economy over the next three decades.

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The survey identified Digitization & AI, Renewable Energy, Energy Security, and the Aging Population as the highest-scoring investment trends in terms of current and growing importance in the next three decades.

Across the population surveyed, the top 5 megatrends identified were: digitization and AI, Renewable Energy, Energy Security, Aging Population, and Electric Vehicles and Battery Storage. 

Meanwhile, in Europe, the top three megatrends were as follows:

  • Digitization and AI

The survey once again identified Digitization & AI as the dominant megatrend according to investors, which is recognized as the number 1 megatrend across all regions surveyed – Europe, the Middle East, and the US. Over 8 in 10 major global institutional investors stated they are currently investing in this space or will do in the future.

  • Energy Security

Survey data suggests that investors anticipate the Energy Security theme to continue well beyond the current conflict and believe it will lead to opportunities to invest in domestic energy production in Europe and beyond.

  • Aging Population

For both Europe and Asia, investment in the Healthcare sector is one of the more obvious investment opportunities to engage with this long-term trend. 

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