Meta’s Threads: Time spent on app plummeting

Daily logins hit a dead end just a month after release
Meta’s Threads: Time spent on app plummeting

It’s been only a month since Meta unleashed Threads, the app designed to take on Twitter with its Instagram integration. Excitement was in the air, but the reality has proven to be quite different. Users’ time spent on the app has taken a nosedive, leaving everyone puzzled. Now, in a shocking twist, two prominent data analysis firms reveal that the number of daily logins on Threads has hit a dead end, showing no signs of growth just a month after its highly anticipated release. And so, what went wrong for this ambitious contender? 

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82 percent plunge

In the midst of Twitter’s management turmoil, Meta is facing an uphill battle as it aims to seize the opportunity. The latest data from market research firms, Similarweb and Sensor Tower, shed light on the challenges ahead.

According to Sensor Tower, Threads’ daily active user count has plummeted by a staggering 82 percent since its launch, as of July 31. With a mere eight million users accessing the app each day, this marks the lowest point since the day after its release, when daily active users peaked at approximately 44 million.

Downward spiral

Not only are users logging into Threads less frequently, but they’re also spending significantly less time within the app, according to Sensor Tower’s findings. The data paints a concerning picture of dwindling engagement.

During its initial launch, users were opening Threads an average of 14 times a day and spending around 19 minutes immersed in its content. However, as the month progressed, these figures took a sharp nosedive.

By August 1, the daily average time spent on Threads had plummeted to a mere 2.9 minutes, leaving users with just 2.6 sessions per day on average, as revealed by Abe Yousef, a senior insights analyst at Sensor Tower.

This dramatic, steep decline raises questions about Threads’ ability to captivate and retain its user base. Can it reverse this downward trend, or is it destined to fade into obscurity? Will Threads find a way to regain its momentum, or is this a sign of a deeper struggle?

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